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Aujourd'hui 8 nouvelles :

  • Ubuntu Desktop weekly update – February 2, 2018, par Will Cooke, 2 février 2018

    vendredi 2 février 2018 :: Ubuntu - news, usn :: RSS
    Lire la suite Will Cooke
  • Snapcraft Summit summary – day 3, par Kyle Fazzari, 2 février 2018

    vendredi 2 février 2018 :: Ubuntu - news, usn :: RSS
    The third day of the Snapcraft Summit here in Seattle saw all the developers reconvene and really get down to work, and ROSHub came by in the afternoon with their snap-powered robots!
    Strictly-confined snaps can only access specific areas on disk that are defined by the interfaces they utilize. This works well, but can occasionally be somewhat inflexible. For example, if you want your snap to access something in /opt, you’re a bit out of luck as there’s no interface that covers this type of access. How cool would it be for you as a user to gain more fine-grained control over this, where you can say “yes, I want this snap to access that file in /opt“? With this ability, even the home interface would no longer be as necessary as it is today! James Henstridge and Jamie Strandboge are working on exactly this, progressing toward using xdg-desktop-portal. James spent the day hacking on user mounts, which is a prerequisite for this whole story.
    Kyle Fazzari continued his work cleaning up the Snapcraft Docker image situation, heroically hammering out one final change that made everything magically work. You can now pull both snapcore/snapcraft:edge and snapcore/snapcraft:beta and you’ll be using the edge and beta channels of the snap, respectively. The logical conclusion of this work was to update the CircleCI tutorial to use the Docker image instead of the machine executor. There was much applause, although the author will admit it may have been imaginary.
    Sergio Schvezov collected all of the changes made so far to unblock folks here at the Summit and tagged Snapcraft v2.39, which has since migrated to beta. He’s also the one who updated the edge and beta Docker tags after Kyle’s fixes.
    Felix Rieseberg, co-maintainer of Electron and engineer at Slack, threw together some epic upstream documentation for how to build Electron snaps while the rest of the room gaped in amazement.
    This was also a big day for the UX pros, Matthew Thomas and Lyubomir Popov. They had engineers from several of the companies here rotating through them, giving them feedback on the developer onboarding process and proving out new designs for our dashboard. Keep an eye out for those! Lire la suite Kyle Fazzari
  • Suse Linux Change Hostname (computer name) without yast, par Vivek Gite, 2 février 2018

    vendredi 2 février 2018 :: nixCraft Linux Sys Admin Blog :: RSS

    I am a new Suse Enterprise Linux user. I setup my computer name to 'linux-mig6' during installation but now I would like to change the computer name to something else. How can I remove old name and set it to 'suse-linux-server' on SLES version 12 SP 3? Can you tell me how do I change the Suse computer name? How do I assign a static hostname to server running SuSe Linux?
    The post Suse Linux Change Hostname (computer name) without yast appeared first on nixCraft.
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  • Tutorial: Install single-server OpenStack with conjure-up, par David Callé, 2 février 2018

    vendredi 2 février 2018 :: Ubuntu - news, usn :: RSS
    OpenStack is the de facto open source standard to build private and public clouds.
    We believe deploying and getting familiar with OpenStack should be an easy task for all developers, that’s why we have built conjure-up, a simple interface to deploy big software with best practices built-in.

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to use conjure-up to deploy OpenStack locally on a single machine, without prior knowledge.
    It’s recommended you have at least 16GB of RAM.
    What you’ll learn
    • How to install OpenStack on your machine with conjure-up
    • How to install and configure LXD

    Take The Tutorial Lire la suite David Callé
  • WooCommerce Design, Shipping, Payments, and Troubleshooting FAQs, par Job, 2 février 2018

    vendredi 2 février 2018 :: WooThemes :: RSS
    Over in WooCommerce Customer Support, we get a pretty good overview of what people struggle with when getting started with WooCommerce based on recurring questions we receive. We put our heads together and bundled these questions about WooCommerce into four topics: Design, shipping, payments, and troubleshooting. Read on to fast-track your WooCommerce learning with our top […]
    The post WooCommerce Design, Shipping, Payments, and Troubleshooting FAQs appeared first on WooCommerce. Lire la suite Job
  • Technicien support helpdesk N1&N2 en CDI à Paris 25000-34000, 2 février 2018

    vendredi 2 février 2018 :: Remixjobs : emplois linux :: RSS
    Société : WYND     Lieu : Paris     Type : CDI     Rémunération : 25000-34000     Posté le : 2 févr. 2018
    Dans le cadre de son développement, Wynd recherche un technicien support helpdesk N1&N2.  pour intégrer l'équipe Support.
    Le service client de Wynd regroupe 3 pôles d'expertise : l'assistance technique/support,  le déploiement et la qualité.  L'environnement du poste est orienté moitié Digital / moitié IT.
    A ce titre, les missions quotidiennes du technicien seront :
    - Assurer un support technique via téléphone ou via le portail web à l'aide d'un outil de prise de contrôle à distance sur les périmètres matériel et logiciel.
    - Gérer la relation avec les utilisateurs : assistance, paramétrage et formation.
    - Résoudre les incidents de Niveau 1 & Niveau 2 ou escalader au Niveau 3.
    - Reporter les bugs dans l'interface de ticketing.
    -  Gérer la maintenance corrective (suivi des corrections) 
    - Mettre à jour la base de connaissance Wynd. Rédiger les procédures et tutoriels clients.
    - Assurer la formation interne et externe.
    - Assister techniquement les différentes équipes de Wynd.
    - Réaliser des démonstrations en interne ou auprès des clients de Wynd.
    - Mettre en place des environnements de Test (logiciel et hardware)
    - Gérer la relation avec les partenaires/prestataires 
    - Organiser et valider la recette des solutions à déployer chez les clients (logiciel et hardware)
    - Installer et Garantir le bon fonctionnement des solutions Wynd en place dans les points de vente.   Déploiement et mises à jour des applications.
    (De courts déplacements ponctuels sur site sont envisagés)
    - Tester les équipements : sécurité, fiabilité, performances 
     - R&D : participer à la mise en œuvre d'évolution techniques (infrastructure, architecture logicielle, …)  Lire la suite
  • Redesign website by madanmoharana9, 2 février 2018

    vendredi 2 février 2018 :: CMS projects and jobs for freelancer :: RSS
    Hi, This is to inform you that we need to re-designing our website completely with following conditions. 1. Existing design aspect needs to be same for the whole website, some changes can be advisable from your side like for Login page, Blog page development etc... (Budget: ₹37500 - ₹75000 INR, Jobs: CMS, Java, PHP) Lire la suite
  • Ghost Blog with Elastic Beanstalk by lewscales, 2 février 2018

    vendredi 2 février 2018 :: CMS projects and jobs for freelancer :: RSS
    Install Ghost Blog with Elastic Beanstalk with Load Balancing and a operate DataBase Add SSL with let's encrypt Build Out Site specifications (Website will post videos, blogs, and audio content). Main... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Amazon Web Services, API, CMS, Nginx, node.js) Lire la suite